Jaegervaenget 7, 4581 Roervig, Denmark

are motivating and magical components of the work of artist Mona Pilgaard Moth. She explores the inner realities expressing her subtle feeling in vibrant colours, seeking the deeper essence of the phenomenal world… mixing imagination and outer impressions in the search of truth and beauty.

Mona Pilgaard Moth is born in Denmark.

Education and courses

1974 Art High School; Holbaek Slot Ladegaard, Denmark
1975-76 Aarhus Art Academy, Denmark.
1980 completed B.A.S.C.I.(science of Creative Intelligence) Ch.
1981-83 studied  history of fine arts, Copenhagen University, DK.
She enjoys spending time in nature, taking in its beauty, finding its songs and rhythm, locating the patterns, silence and peace behind all phenomena - the story of which, she is telling in her paintings using oil, acrylic, watercolour, collages and mixed media.

Images from my Universe

"Painting is a process, giving me great joy and knowledge of the innermost essence of life. Here is the source of creativity, at the deepest level of feeling. Here my paintings are born…in the magical border zone between imagination and reality. From here they tell a story of life, as I experience it".

Since 1985 she has been exhibiting her work at galleries and art circles in Denmark. From 1988 to 1990 she had courses at Vedic Art School; Bosjökloster Castle, Sweden. At this time she also started showing her art in galleries in Sweden and interationally.

200 year Jubilee Poster for the Danish Agricultural Museum. Gl. Estrup.

1990 at Galerie Jean Camion, Paris, France.

Recent exhibitions; Expositions personelles et collectives
2001 Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmö, Sweden
2001 "Euroart  2001" Barcelona, Spain.
2002 ART INNSBRUCK,  Austria.
2002 Galeria d´Art, Barcelona, Spain,
2002 "Les Bleus en Peinture" Roquebrune sur Argens, France
2002 Salon International, Saint Tropez, France
2002 Gallerie Gam´Art, Port Frejus, France
2002 Who's Who in International Art, Jury select.

2003 Arte Padova, Padova, Italy

2003 Victoire de la Peinture et Sculpture, Versailles, France

2004 ARTEXPO, New York, USA

2004 Galleria D`Arte Moderna “ALBA”,  Ferrara, Italy

2005 Galleria Centro Storico, Firenze, Italy

2006 Galleria Sever, Milano. Italy

2007 La Spadarina: Con. Sogno o Realta, Piacenza, Italy

Prix et décorations:
2002 Grande Medalje Republique Francaise, (Br) Grand Concours Int,

2002 Medaille d´Or, Ass. de Merite et Devouement Francais

2003 Diplome de Bronze, Art-Science-Lettres, France

2004 Appointed Corresponding Academician dep. Arts by Accademia Internationale “Greci – Marino” , Accademia del Verbano, Italy

2004 Diploma di Merito, Premio Cosmétura, Ferrara, Italy

2005 “Oscar della culture” Centro Storico, Firenze, Italia

2005 Appointed Academical Official Knight, dep. Arts at  “Greci Marino”,  Accademico del Verbano, Vinzaglio Italy for the great merits attained in the artistic sphere

2006 Diploma Maestro Accademico, medagilone aurato, Accadedia Severiade, Milano, Italy

Membership: European Art Group, Féderation Nationale de la Culture Francaise

Art critic/ Critiques d´art:

Stig Ake Stalnacka, Sweden

Antonio Malmo, Italy

Saverino Antonino, Italy

Dominique Chapelle, France

Lia Ciato, Italy